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KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey is all considered as an online process that takes only a few minutes to complete at Here all the people are requested to leave their valuable feedback honestly. Apart from this, it not only considers the feedback but also applies the necessary changes to be done.

One more interesting fact about this online survey is the participants as well as the company both will get benefited equally. Little confused? Let me explain in brief. The company can learn and undergo changes suggested by the customers in terms of feedback, improving their growth better and better.


At the same time, whoever customers participated in the survey going to win around $100 to $5000 worth prizes, coupons, gift cards/ 50 Fuel Points respectively. However these coupons can be redeemed only at the respective outlets. So, therefore, noting all this information let us go and learn the way or procedure to participate mentioned over here in simple words.

KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

The KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey is introduced by the company Kroger Inc. The company’s name of the founder is Bernard Kroger introduced in the year 1883 in Cincinnati, the United States of America. Later, they come up with the KrogerFeedback only to learn about the customer’s valuable feedback or opinions related to their service, and Experiences taken over there. And the main motive behind the introduction of the portal is in the end, the company is likely to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

About Kroger

The founder of the company is none other than Bernard Kroger. This might have been introduced in the year 1883. But later they have spread various branches and by the year 1970, the electronic scanner tester released into the market ranking 1st position over the consumer research validation. Products like Gas stations, health, and beauty, flowers, clinic, grocery, and also various pharmaceutical products respectively.

Apart from soft drinks, these other items like hot cereal, salad dressings, lemon juice, peanut butter, and soy sauce. Starting from the introduction to date has come with the 2778 locations and increasing the more number. So, therefore, Kroger store locations like Marietta, Atlanta, Macon, Nashville, and many more satisfying customers all the time.

Later they have come with the Kroger feedback customer satisfaction survey program to learn the customer’s opinion or thoughts about their products and services. So, therefore, make sure you are free to share and leave honest and valuable feedback by participating in the corresponding survey program. After the post-survey process can reward the cash prize or discount coupons worth around $5000 and $100 gift cards very well.

Quick Analysis on Kroger

Name of the company Kroger Inc
Founder of the Kroger Bernard Kroger
Introduced in the year 1970
Name of the Survey Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey Program
Official site
Languages English or Spanish
Rewards $100 to $5000 worth prices, digital coupons
Country United States of America
Customer Care Number 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).
Receipt valid for 7 days

Why We Need KrogerFeedback Survey

Undergoing Kroger Feedback Survey is equally important to both the company and even the customers. Well, but how? How all this going to be benefited in the end? I will explain it to you. Customers whoever likely to take part in the survey will be rewarded with the $100 to $5000 worth prices, digital coupons that can be redeemed later on visiting the nearest outlets. At the same time the company so-called Kroger Inc, will consider the customer’s valuable feedback and make improvements if any. This leads to an increase in the company’s growth and getting success in achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Step by Step Process to Take KrogerFeedback Survey

The following is a simple process. Everyone can go through the below steps and learn how to take a part in the KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey online portal. So, I hope you are already with the requirements that were mentioned just below the process. If yes, you are ready to go!!!!!

  • The very first, open any of your web browsers and visit the official site Or else copy and paste the followed link directly in the web browser’s search bar subjected to and hit enter.

  • The page asks you to fill the needful details like date of the visit, time, 15-digit entry ID which you can locate on the receipt itself taken at the time of your visit.
  • Also select the language either English or Spanish based on your comfortability of understanding the language.
  • Now finally, tap on start.
  • You are going to see the multiple questions which are considered as a part of the survey displayed on the screen.

Question1 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • The very first question is “Which of the Following Departments did you browse or Purchase from on this visit? (Please Select all that apply)”

kroger feedback survey

  • You are responsible to select any items that are available in the form of lists. And then tap on Next.

Question2 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • The second question is “Rate Your Overall Satisfaction with your experience at this Kroger.”
  • Rate the experience by choosing anyone from the below options and then tap next.

Question3 at KrogerFeedback Survey

  • “Considering your most recent shopping experience, please rate this Kroger on…”

kroger customer feedback

  • Rate each option depending on the basis of your experience and Tap next.

Question4 at KrogerFeedback Survey

  • “Rate the Friendliness of the employees.”
  • Rate the friendliness of the employees depending on the basis of experience you earned at the time of the visit.

Question5 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • “Rate the Food Department section.”
  • Based on the experience you have, were suggested to tickmark an option successfully.

Question 6 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • “During the visit, was there any intended to purchase, but did not?”
  • This is a yes or no type of question. If yes, tap on it otherwise select no and click next.

Question7 at KrogerFeedback Survey

  • “Based on your visit, what is the likelihood that you will…”
  • Choose one of the options.

Question8 at KrogerFeedback Survey

  • “When thinking about this Kroger store, how much do you agree or disagree with the following”
  • Pick one option and tap on next.

Question9 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • “Rate your satisfaction with…”

KrogerFeedback survey 2020

  • Choose the option accordingly.

Question10 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • “Rate the satisfaction regarding the digital Coupon”
  • If you have used the coupon, will ask you to rate otherwise, you are requested to tap on N/A.
  • Tap on next.

Question11 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • “Did You experienced any problem during your visit?”
  • If your answer is yes, click on it otherwise select no.

Question12 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • ” How do you feel about Kroger”
  • Rate about your overall experience by choosing one of the below options.

Enter the following Details at KrogerFeedback Survey

  • This asks you whether you like to select an email or likely to participate in the sweepstakes entry. Select accordingly and continue further.
  • Make sure you had to fill out all the questions honestly.
  • The only thing you have to perform is answering questions and rating the performance level.

kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey

  • At last, you have to mention the personal details name, address, phone number, registered email id, loyalty card number, to be the participant among various becoming eligible to win the rewards/ discount coupons/ fuel point and any other respectively.
  • If in case, have any doubt regarding sharing your personal information, in that case you can undergo its privacy terms without any fail.
  • At last, you are requested to tap on the submit button.

kroger survey feedback

  • Once after ending up the whole survey process, you can notice the notification saying that the entire survey process is completed.
  • All this means you have successfully entered into the sweepstakes entry.

Now, this is going to be the wonderful chance of winning the unique validation code or coupon codes worth $100 to $5000 that can redeemable only by visiting the corresponding outlets. Also, remember these coupons were non-transferrable. You also have a chance of winning 50 fuel points as a reward just by completing the KrogerFeedback customer satisfaction survey.

Rules and Regulations to Participate Kroger Feedback Survey

Well, very similar to other online survey sites, even the KrogerFeedback has come with certain rules and regulations to be followed before taking an initiative on participating in the survey.

  • You need to purchase the things at Kroger Inc.
  • The receipt of purchases which is taken from the last visit. And this is going to be valid for 7 days after the corresponding date of purchase.
  • Make sure your receipt taken from the outlet has a 15-digit survey code or entry ID.
  • The participants who are likely to participate must be the residents of the United States of America.
  • Employees or their family members have no chance to take part in the survey.
  • Also, the participants who likely to take part must be aged around 18 years or above.
  • The questions will be asked in the English language. If you like to change can go with the Spanish undoubtedly.
  • Strong interconnectivity undergoing accurate signal strength.
  • Try to Answer all the questions honestly.

Objectives of Kroger Customer Feedback Survey

The following are the objectives behind the KrogerFeedback Survey process. Here we go with the lists.

  • The very first, main motive behind the introduction of the portal is learning the customer’s opinion/ thoughts lying about the products and services offered by the company.
  • Achieving 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Improving the pricing, quality, and undergoing the availability of goods and services.
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of all the customers.
  • Improvising the facilities or other needful things.
  • Resolving all the issues with a proper and perfect solution.
  • Convincing various customers to shop at the stores and recommending others perfectly.

Am I eligible to Participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey?

If you have a query that whether are you eligible to participate in survey or not then, here we are providing some conditions to check.

  • First ensure that it is not necessary to purchase or pay anything in the kroger in order to fill this survey. But a simple purchase can boost the chance of winning the survey.
  • This Kroger survey will reward one person for one survey.
  • And the main thing is that you should participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey within 7 days of receiving the purchase receipt.
  • After 7 days if you try to enter the survey then you are not eligible to be a part of the survey.
  • In order to take this survey you must be greater than 18 years.
  • The limit of the Kroger Fuel is only 50.
  • Also you are not eligible to participate in the survey if you are an employee at the Kroger or if your family member works at kroger.
  • Only the lucky winners of top 100 members will the winner and they will be awarded with a grand prize.
  • No illegal things are allowed.

Rewards after completing the Survey

Whoever takes an initiative and participates in sharing their valuable feedback going to won around $100 to $5000 worth prizes and Kroger digital coupons too without any fail. Also, it has a chance to win free Kroger feedback 50 fuel points surveys respectively. These coupons are valid for 7 days after the date of purchase. However, the prize winners were going to be informed either through Gmail or call to the corresponding participant.

Tips for Winning Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey Program

The following are certain tips that might help you to win the lucky chance of getting rewarded. Go through the lists and make sure you are following the same.

  • Remember you are well known about their services and products offered into the market.
  • As customers, billion in number take part in the survey process, be sure that you are leaving the one and only unique feedback.
  • Try to focus on staff behavior whenever you visit the nearest outlet.
  • Record the time taken for delivering the product and also how about the product undergoing quality standards respectively.

Kroger’s Customer Service Contact Details

For any doubts/ suggestions/ complaints, you can contact any of the below contact details. Below are the several ways which help you to be in touch with the Kroger survey feedback support team and then clear the doubts without any fail.

  • Kroger’s customer support number: 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377).
  • Kroger’s customer support working hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to Midnight EST.
  • Every Saturday and Sunday (Working Hours): 8 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. EST.
  • Kroger’s Customer Support number (My Prescriptions): 1-855-489-2502
  • Kroger’s Gift cards contact number: 1-800-576-4377
  • Kroger’s contact number (Floral): 1-866-520-0356
  • Kroger’s contact number (i-wireless): 1-866-594-3644
  • Kroger’s Prepaid Debit card contact number: 1-866-265-8419
  • Kroger’s Coinstar contact number: 1-800-928-2274
  • Kroger’s media relations contact number: 1-513-762-4000

To enhance a contact form:

Official Site Address:

Frequently Asked Questions

How the Kroger Gift Card is Used?
Using the Kroger gift card is very simple and easy enough. These cards can be redeemed at any nearest store without fail. But make sure you have redeemed within the validity period. The only thing you have to do is give your gift card to the corresponding cashier. So that he/ she will credit the amount of purchase done which is automatically going to be deducted through your card. And if you like to learn, you are going to has a chance to monitor the remaining card balance available on your card.
Can anybody take a chance of using your gift card?
Well, you can allow the other person too for making use of your corresponding gift card.
Where is the Kroger Head Quarters?
Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States of America.
Which is the large grocery store chain located in the United States of America?
Kroger Inc is one of the largest supermarket chains located in the United States of America
What do you need for completing the Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The following are the needs you have to come with.

  • One has to collect the receipt after making purchases in the corresponding Kroger store.
  • We need a strong internet connection with high signal strength.
  • Whoever likes to participate should come up with languages like English or Spanish respectively.
Do I can enter the Sweepstakes entry without making any purchase?

If you are likely to enter the Sweepstakes entry without making a purchase, then you are requested to send one handwritten postcard. And this card must and should include the details like name, full address, and the valid contact number. And send the same to the following address: Kroger Feedback Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes PMI Station PO Box 3547 Southbury CT 06488-3547 By following or considering this method, you can easily enter the Sweepstakes entry even though you have not made any purchases over the Kroger stores. If in case of online entry, must and should come up with the valid receipt collected from the nearest outlet recently.


Kroger Inc is one of the American Retailing company that maintains the high quality and standard products to make their customers feel happy and reach high satisfaction levels. In order to provide valuable suggestions or any doubts regarding the survey process, post a comment. We are always there to help in resolving out and guide accordingly. To enhance more updates, keep in touch with KrogerFeedback irrespective of time and place.