Bet on esport Games Online in Malaysia 2022

Esports betting in Malaysia has been on the rise for a few years now and it is not surprising that the new generation of Malaysians are taking the game more seriously.

Esports players are now also known as athletes in Malaysian gaming society and that is a huge deal. And just like regular or traditional sports such as football, rugby and cricket, betting on esports is gaining traction.

Bet on esport games in Malaysia is also something that is although fairly new, but its popularity is definitely growing. As a beginner, how do you start bet on esport in Malaysia? Read more to find out.

When Did Esports Begin?

Esports, short for electronic sports, is technically not new with its first ever competitive event held in 1927. However, with only roughly a century or less of history, it is considerably still known as a newcomer in the sporting arena.

What truly drives the surge in popularity of esports games is its ease in playing the game. All you need is a mobile phone or heavy duty working PC and a stable internet connection. Understanding the rules of the games may take time, but like all sports, constant practice will certainly sharpen your skills.

Nevertheless, do not underestimate the game. esports has established itself rather substantially that all players are considered professional athletes in their own rights. They train tremendously just like any sporting athlete and they compete in tournaments equivalent to any sporting event.

The prizes of these tournaments are ridiculously impressive with some reaching a million dollars in cash prize! Try to bet on esport today!

Growing Support for Esports Betting in Malaysia

In 2018, Statista reported that the global esports market was valued at nearly USD865 million dollars. In addition, the largest esports markets are Asia and North America with a large chunk of up-and-coming players coming from our region, Southeast Asia.

Our country is slowly building up esports gaming culture amongst the younger generation. In 2019, the government had allocated RM10 million to develop the esports gaming industry and the allocation has been growing ever since.

Besides that, esports in Malaysia has also been added to the Majlis Sukan Malaysia (MSM) programme. Esports athletes listed in the programme are eligible to represent Malaysia in all esports major international tournaments.

Additionally, there are many training classes and knowledge programmes available for esports athletes in Malaysia. So long as they have signed up to join any esports in Malaysia groups.

One of the most recent achievements would be the 2022 SEA Games win by the eRimau team formed by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). The team did well in the tournament by bringing home a slew of trophies and prizes. Plus, you never know, someday, you may see esports in the Olympics.

Bet on Esport Games Today with Real Money

1. DOTA 2

Dota2 is one of the most popular esports games right now that was developed by Valve Corporation. The game is a multiplayer game played by a team consisting of 36 squads. Winners of the game have won millions of dollars in cash prizes over the years. There are many amazing squads you can choose to place your money on.

2. Mobile Legends

This Mobile Legends game is famous in Asia, and more specifically, Southeast Asia. This multiplayer online game is also Malaysian gamers favourite and it was recently added to the SEA Games in 2019. We have some strong contenders in Malaysia if you want to bet on Malaysia.

3. StarCraft II

StarCraft II is a thrilling science fiction video game paired with real-time strategy. This game became a favourite among Asian players when it was released in mid-2010 for both MAC OS and Microsoft OS. A multiplayer co-operative game, StarCraft found its place among Korean gamers and they may be the ones you place your bets on.

4. Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is a fast-paced competitive fight game that took the gaming world by storm. The game’s main attraction is the smooth combos and movement features that allow players to wisely find the perfect way to build high scoring combos to beat their opponents. Southeast Asian players are famed for their speed and wit. Perhaps that is where you should place your bet on esport.


PUBG is a highly rated mobile esports in Malaysia and you will find many young generations engrossed in it. Developed and created by Tencent, this game is easily downloadable on both Play Store and App Store. It can also be played on the computer if preferred. However, the game’s software is rather heavy and may require a strong as well as stable internet connection to have a smooth gameplay. Knowing that, maybe it is a wise choice to put your money on our own people. However, there are plenty strong gamers throughout Southeast Asia.

Easiest Way to Bet on Esport in Malaysia Online

There are various ways to bet on esport and they are all rather similar to betting esports in Malaysia. All you need is cash and a registered account on a secure and trusted online gaming site like We1Win Malaysia.

To place your bets, all you need to do is pick the esports tournament or event you are interested in. Then, choose which region or match you want to place a bet on. After that, all you have to do is wait for the results that are usually shown in the betting sites, online casinos, gaming platforms, or simply check out news sites for winning stories.

This is the easiest way to bet on esport in Malaysia online.

5 Types of Esports Betting Malaysia You Can Try

1. Bets on Esport Streamers

This kind of bets are placed on streamers at esports specialist sites where the money goes to predicting a particular esports player’s gameplay while they stream live on Twitch or other platforms.

2. Bets on Yourself

As easy as it sounds, just bet on yourself while you are playing the games. This allows you to win cash and other prizes by achieving specific accomplishments within the games.

3. Bets for Items or Skins

This type of betting requires ownership of virtual currency depending on the gaming or betting site or online casino you are playing on. Your bets are placed on in-game items or graphic downloads for whichever game you are interested in or its character.

4. Pool Betting

There are various online betting sites or online casinos that allow pool betting where all bets are pooled together and the total winnings are divided amongst the winners at the end of the game.

5. Social and Challenge Esports Betting

With this kind of betting, your cash is put within a group on the outcomes of games you choose. The same goes for challenge betting, but instead of a group, you are only betting with two people where you both go head-to-head on the results.

Guide & Steps to Bet on Esport Games

It is relatively easy to place an online esports Bet on any betting platform of your choice.

First things first, register yourself on a secure and trustworthy betting site or gaming platform. Then, click on your desired odds that will be added to your betting slip. Lastly, decide how much amount you are willing to stake on your esports bet. It is as easy as A, B, C.

Almost all bets are automatically calculated and your potential winnings are also notified to you before placing a bet. Finally, click the ‘place bet’ button and you are all set. The only thing left is to wait for the results!

Turn Your Love for esports into Cash

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