Best Fish Shooting Games For Android & iOS

Playing fish shooting games online is a fun pastime. Even more so when you can earn cash while doing so. However, there are many times when you play these fish shooting games and there is little to no rewards. Or worse, the game is only a simple arcade game with virtual credits and no real cash. So, how do you find a reliable fish shooting game that pays and rewards?

What is Fish Shooting Games All About?

Basically, fish shooting games are similar to simple computer games where you shoot a target, in this case fishes, with cannons for money or rewards. There are usually several other players with you in the game. So, you do not play it alone and you will have to fight with the other players to gain points from the fish killed.

The origins for these fishing video game can be traced back to arcade halls in Asia, namely Hong Kong and Singapore. It was a popular pastime way back then for Chinese uncles and aunties seeking to get away from the mundane of work or coffee shop gossip. Furthermore, it is a very easy game to play. It doesn’t need much thought to play, but some form of strategy should be in place for sure!

Read on to find out what they are!

Playing Fish Shooting Games The Right Way

A lot of times, people who do not play fish shooting games in online casinos would think that it is just a childish arcade game. They do not see the benefits of playing these shooting games. However, if the fish shooting game is played correctly, the player can actually earn a sizable sum of cash or rewards.

However, not all fish shooting games are fun or rewarding. If you have chosen a fish shooting game and then realise that it is boring after five minutes of playing it, it could be because the graphics are not attractive enough or the cash handouts are too little.

So, make sure to choose games that are attractive graphically and monetarily. Try games that have high quality graphics but lower latency gaming experience as well as good lively music that suits your ears and will push you to keep shooting. Most importantly, a good payout system where you would not feel like you are wasting your time while pushing on your mouse button rapidly. There are many fish shooting games out there, but only a few in top online casinos would have great ones.

Do Not Shoot Blindly

Every fish shooting game is different. All fish shooting games have their own method of calculations and different fish that offer different points. However, the usual points that you can achieve are 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100.

The main point is to not only shoot the big fish with the most points, but shoot for the smaller fish with less points. That way, you are ensured easy wins and gains. And if you are lucky, shooting and winning the big fish can be your bonus but know that it would not be easy. Some online casinos have fair gaming systems where winning is relatively easy with more small fishes appearing. Choose those over the ones that keep flashing larger fishes on screen.

Look at How Fast The Fish Moves Across The Screen

Many players always forget this bit when playing fishing games. They forget that the fish moves in and out of screen, giving players only a limited time to shoot it. End up, players waste bullets and cash trying to shoot a fish too big in that limited amount of time.

Moreover, if you take time to realise, the fish that swims past your screen swims with varying speeds no matter the size. They may appear on screen simultaneously sometimes, but they swim off screen at different times. Some are faster than others. So, time your shots right and aim for slower moving targets or targets that take longer to swim off screen. Do not waste money and time on fishes that are either too fast or have too high health points to kill.

That said, this situation does not apply to huge bonus large fishes such as sharks or arowanas. These bonus fishes usually will appear separately from the normal fish filled seasons in the game. Plus, they require lots of bullets to kill, so, a handicap will be given to players during these bonus fish appearances. But not all online casinos offer slower moving targets. So, make sure to choose the ones that have more slower moving targets on screen.

Aim for Their Heads and Bonus Targets!

For bigger, more resilient fishes, make sure you spend your bullets correctly. Do not simply shoot for shooting sake, instead, aim for their heads! Usually, the best way to shoot them effectively is to wait for many of them to gather and then shoot them all at once. You could probably get a better advantage in scoring this way.

Besides that, do not neglect shooting bonus targets such as pearls, balloons or special looking fishes. These bonus targets may not appear that often, but they are easily shot and rewards instantly gained. The rewards are hefty as some bonus targets carry two to six times more points than usual. So, do not forget it and choose an online casino that flashes more bonus targets. Some online casinos are generous that way!

Do Not Shoot What You Cannot See

Like in real life, do not shoot something you are blind towards. It will only get yourself killed. It is the same for fish shooting games, or in this games’ case, you lose more money than you win.

According to fish shooting game rules, fishes hiding behind rocks or moss or whatever else offers the player who shoots it dead a 20-30% more points than usual. It sounds and seems like a nice deal, but trust us, it is not a smart deal.

These fishes have a low hit rate and it is a waste of time and bullets, essentially, your money. You can always try to shoot these fishes and even though you shoot it dead, the points earned will not be able to cover the bullets you have just spent on it. Hence, it is always better to aim for easier targets and shoot in quantity. Some online casinos out there play nasty tricks by upping the rewards for such hard to shoot fishes or have more of these fishes appear on screen. Stop playing them and choose another platform for your gaming pleasure.

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