How to Use Greatpeople Portal in Online

How to Use Greatpeople Portal? is all about called for an employment portal meant for the Kroger employees. This is introduced by Kroger Inc and the employees or associates who are working under Kroger were eligible to access it. Other than the employees, no common man is allowed to access this portal.

In simple one can say this portal is going to be the best platform for sharing employee-related information, updates, work-related information, schedules, pay stubs, payrolls,  and many more successfully all the time. As there are a number of branches and comprised of many employees working over there, Kroger desperately needs the platform only to manage each and every single thing simple and easy too.


Now if you see people do access Express HR. But what exactly it is? Let me tell you both the online web portals ExpressHR and are employment portals where associates or employees working under Kroger were allowed to access all the time. By taking note of these points, let’s go through some more important details shared in a simple understandable language.

How to Use Greatpeople Portal?

Kroger to manage employees need a big platform. Thus the name of it is Employees for being up to date, continue accessing the employment portal all the time. Checking current things or updates, work schedules, most importantly developing an internal communication bond between several employees under one roof is going to be easier now.

Hence the things like tasks, work schedules, number of holidays taken, number of leaves taken, current things, work schedules, pay stubs, payroll, many more can be learned in this single platform. But the thing is employees can use the portal services only when they are login into their account. As a result, if you are new or unaware of the log-in steps no problem. I am going to share right now. So that you can start using the portal without facing any difficulties. Login Guide [Step by Step]

Following are the simple steps you need to follow in order to use the services offered or provided by the one and only employment portal called portal

  • Visit the official website by taking the help of an inbuilt search bar.
  • Once the page gets loaded, enter the details like Enterprise user ID and password.
  • Filling the details is done? Then it’s time to tap on the sign-in button to open your account.

That’s all!! Now you are all set to access or use the portal for learning any employee-related information anytime successfully. Features

Using the employee portal, every employee has a chance to learn the following. Let’s go through the bullet points now.

  • Work-Schedules.
  • Pay roll, Paystubs, Salary, and many more.
  • Tasks
  • Attendance
  • Number of holidays
  • Number of leaves taken
  • Current updates can be learned.
  • Personal details
  • Professional details
  • Marketing field related information.
  • Sales, distribution, and many more!!
  • W4, direct deposits, insurance-related information also can be learned upon using the

Like this, there are many more that every single employee can learn and complete their tasks successfully without claiming any complain.


As per my thoughts, the information shared here is clear. For suppose, if you have any doubts or any queries, just ask us by mentioning in the below comment box. We will help you by explaining all your queries in detail.  Like and share the details to help someone who is still unaware of the or login process respectively. Keep connected with for learning more interesting

etails or essential information anytime.

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