Bet Online Roulette Game in Best Live Casino Malaysia

It is not too hard to join a game of online roulette in live casino Malaysia no matter where you are.

Roulette is known to be the simplest game of chance and everyone is able to play it with relative ease. All you need is to place your bet on a number, various groupings of numbers, a colour (red/black), even/odd options, or even high/low number sets. And, if you fancy, you may even place several bets in combination at one go.

Statistically, roulette is the most popular casino game in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that when online roulette games began popping up online in online casinos around the world, including online casino Malaysia, its popularity instantly soared.

As latency and delays between servers and players’ devices reduced, online casinos and online gambling sites began introducing live casino Malaysia dealers, also known as croupier, to the online betting market.

History of Roulette Live Casino Malaysia Games

The game of roulette is said to have first began in the 18th century in France. It was believed that the game was a hybridised version of the Italian game Biribi and the French gaming wheel that was invented in 1720.

The name itself is derived from the French word, meaning little wheel. And just like its namesake, the roulette game is played with a small wheel made of intricate mechanisms and slotted numbers from 0-36. Next to the wheel, a betting board or betting table containing boxed numbers from 0-36 is where players can place their bets.

When betting starts, a croupier (the person controlling the betting table also known as a live dealer) will spin the wheel in one direction and spin a little ball inside the wheel in the opposite direction. Players are allowed to continue placing bets until the live dealer announces that no more bets can be placed.

The tiny spinning ball will eventually stop in one of the slots. This will determine the winning number and odds of the players who had made bets.

Differences Between Live Roulette in Casinos VS Online Roulette Games

There is really not much difference between playing live roulette games in casinos and in any online gaming platforms. Most people prefer the hype and rush of live roulette games offered on casino floors, especially at famed establishments in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

However, with live roulette games, players are able to play a lower betting amount that is not commonplace in casinos. Sometimes, the minimum bet is as low as 1 dollar / RM1 and there may be an off chance that it could be lower than that.

Besides that, players can jump into a game at any time of the day and anywhere. As long as you have a working stable connection on either a mobile device or computer, you are able to play.

In recent years, with the internet getting stronger and more stable, many online casinos including online Malaysia casinos have introduced live roulette games that feature a live casino Malaysia dealer. This makes playing gambling games more exciting and realistic.

These games garner more players because the live casino Malaysia dealer does not only offer a more realistic gaming experience. The online live casino Malaysia dealer is also able to answer players’ questions in real time while they are playing roulette on the internet. It is the same everywhere, even for online casino games.

The Rules of Roulette in Live Casino Malaysia

The rules of normal roulette and roulette in live casino Malaysia are all pretty similar. However, the most important thing to take note of is the payouts offered in online roulette Malaysia games.

So, to understand online roulette’s payout systems, you must first understand the types of bets available. Typically, the bets can be divided into two distinct categories known as an Inside Bet and Outside Bet.

  1. Inside Bet: These are bets made on specific numbers laid out on the betting table, betting board or betting area. The bet can be a bet on a single number or even a combination of several numbers, in which case your bet is split among the numbers bet.
  2. Outside Bet: These are bets made on anything else other than the ones specified above as Inside Bet. These bets cover bets on colour (red/black) and groups of numbers (odd/even, number intervals, high/low, etc.).

This is the same for games in any online roulette Malaysia.

How to Win at Roulette Live Casino Malaysia with Inside Bets?

It is simple to place Inside Bets for live casino Malaysia games. All you need to do is choose your own ‘lucky’ number and put down an amount which you like. For example, you may place a bet of RM100 on number 25.

You will lose the bet and all your money will be taken by the dealer if any other number was chosen on the roulette. However, if the number 25 was chosen to be the winning number, you will receive a prize of RM3500. Your initial bet will multiply by 35 and this is known as a single or direct bet.

If you decide to place a bet on two numbers arranged side by side instead, your chips should be put on the border between the two numbers. This betting style is known as a split, and the payout if the bet is won, is 17:1. The payout gets smaller as you bet with more numbers.

Tips to Win Roulette Casino Games with Outside Bets?

As for Outside Bets, the chances of winning this in an online roulette game and live online roulette game can reach up to 50%. It all depends on the combination you bet on.

Here are your first betting options for an Outside Bet:

  1. One of the ‘three dozen’ (0-12 / 13-34 / 25-36)
  2. Vertical columns

The chances of winning any one of the 12 numbers is 1:3, and the payout of such a bet is 1:2.

More betting options for an Outside Bet:

  1. Colours (red/black)
  2. Even or Odd numbers
  3. Small (0-18) or Large (19-36)

The odds of winning these selections are 50% and the payout for these types of bets is 1:2.

The Types of Online Roulette Games in Malaysia

Live roulette games are available all over the world, Malaysia included. Moreover, there is not just one type but plenty. Here are possibly just three of the most common types you will see in online casino Malaysia.

A. European Roulette

This is said to be the most popular type of live roulette in the world and you can easily find this style of game in almost all casino Malaysia online. It also offers the highest chance of winning. This type of game features one sector of zero and the rule of prison.

B. American Roulette

This is believed to be the second most popular type of game there is in all casino Malaysia online. This style of live casino Malaysia game features not one but two sector zero, which reduces your chances of winning significantly. However, this type of game has a more accessible and convenient playing field.

C. Non-Standard Roulette

There are various non-traditional roulette games available in Malaysia casinos online. Some of them feature a wheelless game where the roulette wheel is replaced with cards. Others may have certain features absent from the game board like the sector zero or others.

However, most times, online roulette game designers like combining the parameters of both the European and American roulette game for a more fun game and this can be found in many Malaysia casinos online.

At the end of the day, players are free to choose and pick which type of gambling games online that suits them best. So, do not hesitate to try whatever is available online!

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