Buy Online 4D Malaysia: Magnum 4D, Toto 4D and Damacai

4D games or buy online 4d Malaysia is the most common and popular betting event in Malaysia, as it is also the only legal betting activity in this country.

Due to the religious issue of Malaysia, gambling is strictly controlled by the country’s law and government. Until today, there are only three 4D operators nationwide, which are Magnum 4D, Sports Toto 4D and Damacai. Meanwhile, there are another three minor 4D operators based in east Malaysia, which are Sarawak Cashsweep 4D, Sandakan STC 4D and Sabah Lotto88 4D.

The betting of Magnum 4D, Toto 4D and Damacai is very common in west Malaysia, making the 4D betting as a trend among the Malaysians, especially Chinese. Each of them has hundreds of outlets nationwide, and the outlets of each operator are mostly located nearby each other, to make it convenient for people to bet on different operators at one time.

However, there are few states in Malaysia which prohibit the operation of 4D outlets, including Terengganu, Kelantan and Kedah.

Magnum 4D: Have Surprise Have Happiness

Magnum is the first private company to have legal licence of 4 digit numbers forecast betting in Malaysia. Initially founded in 1968, Magnum launched their first outlet at Penang in 1969, and converted to a public company in 1970 and listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) at the same year.

Over the operation of over 50 years, Magnum 4D still has wide participation and high income nowadays, favoured by most of the 4D bettors in Malaysia. With gold yellow as their signature colour, Magnum slogan “Have surprise, have happiness” is a popular tagline among Malaysians.

Sports Toto: Most 4D Outlets in Malaysia

Sports Toto was founded in 1969 by the Malaysian government, and turned into a private company by selling it to businessman Vincent Tan in 1985. Tan merged Sports Toto into his Berjaya Group which is a giant corporation in Malaysia. Sports Toto is now listed in KLSE with the name Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad.

Sports Toto claimed to be the largest 4D operator nationwide nowadays, with 680 outlets all over the country, and providing 7 betting number games.

Sports Toto is significantly popular with their jackpots games, including the Supreme Toto, Power Toto, Star Toto and Toto 4D Jackpot. Each jackpot provides generous prizes which could be worth tens of millions. The Supreme Toto had recorded the highest jackpot prizes in Malaysia history, as much as MYR 97.75 millions which was given out in March 2022.

Damacai: The Company Focus on Education

Unlike Magnum and Sports Toto, Damacai is a private company which is not listed in the KLSE, instead they contribute their profit as education purpose.

Damacai is operated by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. (PMP) which incorporated in 1988. Jana Pendidikan Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. acquired the entire shareholding in PMP in 2011, and decided to donate the net dividends of PMP to The Community Chest, and turned PMP from a profit organisation into a social business, which is dedicated to support the education sector in our country.

Which is Your Favourite 4D Operator?

Among the Magnum 4D, Toto 4D and Damacai, which is your favourite 4D operator, to be royal and bet on it for every drawing day?

For many Malaysians, they like to bet on 4D numbers with multiple operators, to increase their probability to win the prizes. For example, they will bet their own vehicle’s plate number at all of the Magnum 4D, Toto 4D and Damacai, to make sure they won’t miss out the chance that their number might appear on the 4D lotto result of any operator in the night.

However, according to the statistics, Magnum and Sports Toto is having much more bets collected and more profits compared with Damacai, as they have better advertising strategies, more outlets and more attractive betting options such as the jackpots.

Illegal or Black Market 4D

The betting of 4D games in Malaysia is quite inconvenient, as people have to visit the outlets to bet on their numbers, while they have to walk into a few outlets, if they like to bet with different operators. Moreover, there isn’t any platform to buy online 4d Malaysia before this

Therefore, the illegal 4D betting which is called black market 4D or underground 4D is getting common in Malaysia, as they are more convenient to bet on, and sometimes higher prizes to pay.

The black market 4D is operated by certain organisations or people illegally, which according to the official 4D results as well, but collecting bets and paying the prizes with their own funds.

The underground 4D is even offered the betting on overseas 4D operations, such as the Singapore 4D, Cambodia GD Lotto 4D, and also the Sarawak and Sabah 4D.

People could bet on black market 4D by visiting the shops disguised as other purposes, or just text a message to bet with the person. However, there are some risks of underground 4D, such as taking action or being arrested by the authorities, or the prizes won’t get paid by the illegal operator.

Bet on 4D Lotto Live at Best Platform of 4D Online

Feeling lazy or inconvenient to bet on 4D games at the official outlets, and feeling insecure to bet with the black market 4D? Come and play the 4D online Malaysia, buy online 4D Malaysia which is much easier and more options to bet on.

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At We1Win, instead of betting on the whole four digits from the official Magnum 4D, Toto 4D or Damacai outlets, we provide a more interesting way to buy online 4D Malaysia betting on any one of the four digits in the draw results.

For example, with the number 1234, you can bet on the single digit of “1”, to show as the first digit of the four which appear as the first prize in the 4D lotto result today. If the result contained “1” as its first digit in the first prize, you could win your bet regardless of the other three digits of it. This way to buy online 4D Malaysia could be more fun than the traditional way.

Fixed Place, Odd/Even, Big/Small

Besides the Fixed Place option as above, you can also buy online 4D Malaysia and bet on the nature of the four digits of Magnum 4D result, Damacai result or Toto 4D today result.

For example, you can bet on the digits as the options of big/small, odd/even and prime/composite. Not just these, we still have the betting option of Dragon/Tiger/Tie when you buy online 4D Malaysia!

More Exciting Number Games

We have more number games to bet on, other than 4D lotto live! At We1Win, the best online casino in Malaysia, we also provide services to buy online 4D Malaysia betting on 3D, 5D, Mark 6, PK10, 11×5, Fast3, Happy8, LF Lotto, Instant Game and others.

If you are feeling tired or boring of missing the opportunities to win the four digits in the official 4D games, try our unique buy online 4D Malaysia betting options now, where you can earn some money with just hit on one single digit, or bet on the options of odd or even and big or small, which is quite interesting though.

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