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Catch on the trend of football live betting on EPL and FIFA World Cup 2022 now!

Sports booking is becoming one of the most common betting events in Malaysia and worldwide. With the popularity of football watching, live betting on football matches is also an activity to participate in the sport. People watching and supporting football games while betting on it, could enjoy the double excitement and pleasure during the match playing, nevertheless, are able to make a fortune if they win their bet.

Football playing might not be popular in Malaysia, as it is not the favourite sport in our nation, however, watching football matches is very common here, we can always see crowds of people gathering in the restaurant or pub at night, to watch the football match and cheering for goals or celebrating for victory.

Favourite Games for Sports Betting Malaysia

Sports booking or football betting is not officially legal in Malaysia, however, there are many platforms for football betting in Malaysia. People can reach and access some websites for sports booking through social media or get them in search engines.

On the platform of Malaysia sports betting, people mostly bet on the English Premier League (EPL) which is the most popular football league worldwide. They also bet on other major football leagues in Europe including Spanish LaLiga, Italian Serie A, German Bundersliga, French Ligue, also the famous UEFA Champions League (UCL) and Europa League.

Football live betting is getting more trending in Malaysia during the major tournaments, such as the FIFA World Cup which is the hottest single sport event worldwide. People also love to bet on the UEFA Euro Cup and Copa America which have many famous national football teams participating along.

Top Websites for Malaysia Sports Betting

There are many websites available for sports booking or football betting in Malaysia, including CMD368, Maxbet, Bet365, BK8, Aw8, Rabona and 22Bet.

However, it is important to find a platform for online sports betting Malaysia which is trusted, secured, safe, genuine and reputed. Sports booking is not legitimate in Malaysia, hence, the live betting on football is not protected or supervised by the national law, therefore, a trusted or secured for football live betting is essential to guarantee the players’ property and benefits.

Welcome to We1Win, the biggest online betting platform in southeast Asia, which is trusted and secured for football live betting. We provide betting methods or options for all kinds of football betting such as handicap, over/under and score prediction, and cover every popular leagues or tournaments including English Premier League and the other major leagues in Europe, UCL, FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup and others.

With Maxbet Sport and CMD368 or CMD Sportbook as our vendor, we also providing various kinds of sports booking including basketball such as the NBA, car racing such as the Formula 1 (F1), badminton, tennis and others.

Best Site of Football Betting Malaysia

No need to search anymore, with us, you can enjoy the best experience of sports betting in Malaysia which is secured and reliable. Not just the features of sports booking, we also provide information of the matches such as betting tips today, latest news of teams or players, the teams of leagues fixtures, standings, results and others.

If you are new to football live betting, we will also share the guide or rules of sports booking in detail, so you can refer and study before live betting on football games. For example, we are sharing the betting tips sometimes, to give you ideas or inspirations of which match or which teams to bet on today.

Get Betting Tips Today in Best Sportsbook Malaysia

We like to share the betting tips to make Malaysia sports betting more enjoyable and entertaining! For example, during the big games such as two giant teams in EPL against each other, we will provide some facts and information between both teams such as head to head record, their recent performance, players conditions, expected line-up and others. With these info, you can analyse their overall status and probability to win the coming match.

Favourite EPL and FIFA World Cup

As a professional platform for football live betting, we always understood the reference of Malaysia sports betting. EPL is surely the favourite of Malaysian football fans, therefore, we are focused on providing facts, statistics and tips of EPL matches.

You can get the EPL table, EPL fixtures, EPL matches today, EPL transfer news, instant EPL scores and others on our platform. We have also provided the statistics of every EPL team and information of their main players. Even though you are not a player of football live betting, you can also feed yourself with this useful info as a EPL supporter.

For those who love major football tournaments played by national teams instead of the league clubs, our sports betting platform also provides the full experience of FIFA World Cup match betting. Be ready for the FIFA World Cup 2022 which will be held in Qatar this November and December. Watch this competition where people are crazy for it worldwide, while betting on it to feel the passion and excitement.

For the FIFA World Cup this year, we will introduce all the 32 participating national teams, share the information such as their strength and advantages, statistics of their current performance and past records in this tournament, analysis of their key players and others.

Enjoy Exclusive Casino Bonus & Promotions

For an experienced bettor of sports booking, you will find out that We1Win is the best destination for football betting. For people who haven’t started for football live betting, come and enjoy the fresh experience here, as we have plenty of methods and options for sports betting in Malaysia, nevertheless, many bonuses and promotions available for both new members and existing bettors.

For a new member at We1Win best sportsbook Malaysia, we are providing the 100% bonus of credits with minimum deposits of RM50 and bonus limit of RM800, and required turnover of 10 times.

For example, for members who put in their first deposit of RM100, they will need a turnover of (100+100) x 10 = RM2000, before they make the withdrawal of their deposits which contained bonus credits.

Risk Free First Bet and Rescue Fund

Feeling upset that you are always unlucky in betting and keep losing money? No worries, we have some refund for new players who had bad luck in their fresh start of football live betting.

Another benefit of sports betting at We1Win is the Risk Free First Bet. With this activity, the new members who lose their first sports bet with us, can get the full refund up to RM200.

This benefit requires a minimum deposit of RM100 and minimum bet of RM20, with turnover of 5 times, to enjoy the bonus limit of RM200.

The Rescue Fund is another promotion to reduce your loss while betting football games. We offers certain rescue funds based on your accumulated loss amount in our sports booking, with a minimum of 3 bets and 1 time turnover, you can get a maximum RM8000 of Rescue Fund.

For example, if you lost RM100 of the first three sports bets, you can get 1% of rescue funds as return. If you lost a RM1000 of three bets, you can get 2% of rescue funds which is RM20. If you lost a total of RM100000 of sports bets, you can get 8%, which is as much as RM800. For the full list of percentage of Rescue Funds according to total loss, please read the chart in the Promo section on our page.

Earn More with More Turnover with Weekly Tasks

Bet more credits, earn more bonuses! We introduces the Weekly Tasks in which you can earn more bonuses with more bets for coming weeks, whether you win or lose it.

This promotion offers as many as 10 stages and the Final Stage. For example, at stage 1, you can get an accumulated bonus of RM5 with turnover of RM3000 last week. Until stage 10, you can get a stage bonus of RM5000 and accumulated bonus of RM7000 with previous week turnover of RM5,000,000. At the final stage, you can get an accumulated bonus of RM18,000 with previous week turnover of RM10,000,000!

For the full list of accumulated bonuses of Weekly Tasks according to previous week turnover, please read the chart in the Promo section on our page.

Goals More, Win More

Enjoy the moment of goals during the football match, while you can also earn some bonuses with it!

We1Win introduces the Sports 1×2 Goal Bonus, where members can earn extra money when the team makes their goals. For example, with a RM300 bet, you can win a bonus of RM3 with each goal made by the team you choose. If you bet RM3000, you can get RM15 with each goal, which means you can get an amount of RM60 if your team scored four goals!

For the full list of the Sports 1×2 Goal Bonus, please read the chart in the Promo section on our page. You may also look into other casino promotions that allows you to increase your chances of winning and earning more money from online 4D betting, fish shooting games, poker online, and more.

More Bonus & Excitement when Betting in We1Win Best Sportsbook Malaysia

With many bonuses and promotions on our platform, We1Win is making sports betting in Malaysia more entertaining and exciting. You can have some unexpected return of rewards with regular football live betting. Surprises are everywhere!

At our best sportsbook Malaysia, we have CMD368 and Maxbet or Maxbet mobile as our vendors, both them are reputed and trusted for sports betting Malaysia, with the excellent platform service by us, make the best experience of sports booking ever.

Start your journey of football live betting on EPL, UCL, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro Cup and many more with us, the biggest online platform in Malaysia now!

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